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  • NEW!  At a UAA/DACOR Development Dialogue lunch at DACOR on February 10, 2023, from 12 noon to 2:00 pm, Dan Runde, CSIS senior vice president and director of the Project on Prosperity and Development, will speak about his new book The American Imperative: Reclaiming Global Leadership through Soft Power which makes the case for building a new global consensus through vigorous internationalism and the judicious use of soft power. He maps out many of the steps that we need to take––primarily in the non-military sphere––to ensure an alliance of stable and secure, like-minded, self-reliant partner nations.  Dan will be engaged in conversation by active UAA member Ambassador Jim Michel. Please note this will be a “hybrid” program.  We urge all to attend in person if they can. To sign up for this event please use this link.  

  • NEW!  Sunday, March 5, 2023, 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. UAA alumni are invited to bring their spouse or a guest to the ninth Annual Winterfest. Frank and Antoinette Almaguer have graciously offered to again host at their residence in Vienna, Virginia. This is a free event for UAA members. We also encourage you to bring or invite those eligible to become members. RSVP: Please send acceptances no later than February 15 so that we can place orders and plan accordingly.  Click here for details and for the registration link.

Note from the UAA Board

Feliz Navidad, bonne annee, and best wishes for a happy, healthy, and safe New Year to all! Our successful AGM is behind us, our new Board members are in place (see photo below!), and we’re ready for a busy year ahead. Our annual plan for October 2022 through September 2023 was previewed at the October AGM, so we have our direction and objectives set for 2023.

Some of our first actions include approving the 2023 budget and new Committee Co-Chairs in early January, meeting with Deputy Administrator Paloma Adams-Allen later in the month, UAA members (including our FL-based Board member, Miles Toder, our DMV-based Outreach Committee Co-Chair Beth Hogan, and our strong FL-based retirement community) will gather at the Florida Foreign Service Retiree Association meeting, and Mentoring Program mentor training wraps up the month. 

We expect to have one Co-Chair opportunity available for members wishing to work with colleagues and support UAA efforts: watch the February Newsletter for our newly approved Co-Chairs and volunteer opportunities!   

 Board Members, from left: Margaret Neuse, Joy Riggs-Perla, Miles Toder, Chris Milligan, Carol Dabbs, Roberta Mahoney, and Denise Rollins. 

One final note. Consider joining and playing a role on one of UAA’s Committees. While members work hard, they also have fun and help alumni stay connected to others with similar interests and the larger USAID alumni community.

We also have a constant need for mentors for the Mentoring Program. We are a volunteer organization and appreciate any way you can help. 

2022 UAA Annual General Meeting

The USAID Alumni Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on October 28, 2022, with both in-person attendance, for the first time since 2019, and via Zoom Webinar. Those who were able to attend in-person appreciated the opportunity to see friends and colleagues from UAA. Those not able to do so were happy that the virtual connection enabled UAA members across the United States and in other countries to participate. The meeting was attended in-person by 69 USAID Alumni and 19 guests and speakers, and virtually by 63 Alumni, guests, and speakers. This linked report summarizes the presentations and discussions conducted during the meeting. A video of the entire AGM can be viewed by clicking here

Emergency Relief Funds for Ukraine:  for FSNs and for Ukrainian Citizens

For information about contributing to relief of the Ukraine emergency, including the FSN Emergency Relief Fund and ways to support the people of Ukraine compiled by DACOR Bacon House Foundation’s Development Office, click here.


“The Enduring Struggle:  The History of the U.S. Agency for International Development and America’s Uneasy Transformation of the World “

by John Norris

The Enduring Struggle: the history of the US Agency for Intl Devt

John Norris‘ book, The Enduring Struggle – The History of the Agency for International Development and America’s Uneasy Transformation of the World, has been published, and copies are now available for purchase. (To buy the book from the publisher at a 30 percent discount please use the form at this link.) Alumni with suggestions for events that will popularize the book or generate reviews should send their suggestions to Alex Shakow at

A very positive review of The Enduring Struggle by Mary Jane Maxwell  has recently been published in the Journal of World History.  Read it here.

Development Dialogues

The UAA/DACOR Development Dialogues and the UAA Development Issues Committee Dialogues provide interactive conversations on a broad range of topics relevant to the interests of international development professionals.

Below are summaries of the most recent events. Each includes a link either to an audio or video of the event. Being able to listen or watch an event should be of particular interest to Association members who live outside the DC area.

For a full archive of all events that have audio or video availability, please click here.  

DACOR has decided that virtual attendance at its programs – including the UAA/DACOR Development Dialogues – will now cost $10 per program, plus a 3% charge for credit card payments. This fee had been voluntary, and many had paid the fee, but in view of the base cost to host virtual or hybrid events, the DACOR Board concluded that all participants should share the expense. The cost of DACOR lunches will remain at $35.

UAA DACOR Development Dialogue:

The Young Black Leader’s Guide to a Successful Career in International Affairs: What the Giants Want You to Know

On January 17, at a joint DACOR/UAA “hybrid” session, Aaron Williams, Taylor Jack, and Jennifer Brinkerhoff, authors of The Young Black Leader’s Guide to a Successful Career in International Affairs: What the Giants Want You to Know, discussed the origins of the book, the many important voices included, and themes of particular relevance to mentoring others. They were introduced by Hannah Jackson, cofounder of the Elliott School of International Affairs Young Black Professionals in International Affairs student organization. The event was also an opportunity to recognize the many members of DACOR and USAID Alumni Association who volunteer their time and experience to serve as mentors. For a video of this event see link here.  For more information on the Generations Dialogue Project for supporting a more representative American foreign policy, please see a short video at .

UAA DACOR Development Dialogue:  

China’s Impact on Developing Countries

Dr. David Dollar, Brookings Senior Scholar and leading expert on China’s economy, led over 60 attendees through a fascinating discussion on “China’s Impact on Developing Countries – the Belt and Road Initiative, and more” at a UAA/DACOR Development Dialogue (Virtual) on December 7. He reviewed important China-focused background considerations before covering this topic in detail. He then responded to more than twenty challenging audience questions, a sign of the high level of interest his talk generated. To see this hour-long program please click here


Development Issues Committee Hosts Discussion:

PEPFAR at 20

On November 29 the Development Issues Committee conducted a well-attended virtual discussion on “PEPFAR at 20” in conjunction with World AIDS Day on December 1 and the upcoming 20th anniversary of the establishment of PEPFAR in early 2003. The discussion was led by Ambassador Dr. John Nkengasong, U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator and Special Representative for Global Health Diplomacy, Han Kang, Director of USAID’s Office of HIV/AIDS, and J. Stephen Morrison, Senior Vice President at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and Director of CSIS’s Health Policy Center.  


Amb. Dr. John Nkengasong                        J. Stephen Morrison                                         Han Kang

Ambassador Nkengasong highlighted the key messages of a recently released policy paper “Reimagining PEPFAR’s Strategic Direction” designed to accelerate the path to end the HIV/AIDS pandemic as a public health threat by 2030 and the challenges in reaching the “last mile.” Han Kang stressed the challenges in achieving health equity to address the needs of those at most risk and ways to improve the delivery of prevention and treatment, stressing the importance of locally led efforts. Steve Morrison highlighted the bi-partisan support for PEPFAR in Congress, the need to improve the interagency process and the need to replenish a “worn out” workforce of those implementing PEPFAR. The recording of the session is linked here.


In Memoriam

UAA has learned of the recent deaths of the following members of our USAID alumni community:

Edward Howard “Bear” Winant, William David McKinney, David “Dave” Howard Pritchard, Irwin “Irv” A. Levy, John Thomas Rifenbark, Jr., Dana Austin Lund, Sue Janssen, Ann Richards, Wayne Tate, Lois Richards, William Lefes, Anton “Tony” Cistaro, Jim Cummiskey, Laura Lindskog, Richmond Allen, Tina Forrester Cleland, Martha Welch Rees, Ellen K. Bisson, Katherine (Kate) McKee, Stephen & Dheswende Reig, George Russell Jenkins, George Laudato, Howard Solomon, Robert Nooter, Eugene Harald Rauch, Townsend Smith Swayze, Margie C. Jaspersen, David Shear, John Roy Oleson.

A full listing of alumni obituaries may be seen in the In Memoriam section.

If you would like to provide a brief obituary or personal tribute for these former colleagues and friends to be posted on this website or if you know of other people who have passed way and have not been noted here, please send the information to: Attn: Memorials.


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