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  • NEW! On Wednesday, April 19, 2023, a (hybrid) lunch session at DACOR of the UAA/DACOR Development Dialogue will feature Tim Rieser.  Just retired, he spent nearly four decades as foreign policy adviser to Senator Patrick Leahy and the Appropriations Subcommittee on State and Foreign Operations. Well known to many AID staff, he was highly influential on AID policy issues and on key foreign policy issues on which Sen. Leahy focused (e.g., restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba).  He will be engaged in conversation with Dottie Rayburn who has just retired from AID’s Congressional Liaison staff where she focused on the Senate Appropriations Committee.  Watch this space for more details on this program as we get closer to April 19. 
  • NEW! SAVE THE DATE! On Friday, May 19 in Jacksonville, Florida UAA is hosting a regional event in conjunction with the Foreign Service Retiree Association (FSRA) and the World Affairs Council (WAC). 
  • NEW! On Wednesday, May 24, Francisco Sagasti, former President of Peru (January-June 2023) will speak at a Development Dialogue lunch at DACOR (12 noon–2:00).  He will reflect on the exercise of political power and authority at crisis times – “Peru – A President’s Experience …and What Lies Ahead”.  Sagasti has had a long and distinguished career in Peru and around the world, including at the World Bank and the United Nations.  This will be a hybrid program – but we urge you to attend in person, meet Francisco and see you friends, old and new.

Note from the UAA Board

February was a short, roller-coaster of a month in the DMV. With temperatures that ranged from nearly 0 to over 80, spring threatens an early arrival with cherries, magnolias, and jonquils in bloom even as snowflakes occasionally threaten a visit!

UAA was relatively quiet this month, but UAA members were active in a variety of fora and development issues were ever-present:

Meetings and webinars on development issues (check out the Bulletin Board for additional events!): the monthly Africa Forum at GWU, including the Feb. 28th Africa’s Future: Democracy and Human Rights and the March 27th Africa’s Future: Trade and Investment; USAID’s Webinar series, including Feb. 28th on Localization and March 13th on Chat GBT and AI at USAID; and MFAN’s March 1 session on “Metrics Matter for Locally Led Development.

Colleagues in print: a letter to the editor (NYT) cautioned on the link between animal protein development and future pandemics, another (WaPo) expressed appreciation for Tim Rieser’s support for USAID, and Brookings posted a new article titled “Resilience must drive USAID Programs in Afghanistan.”

March events: March has brought opportunities to meet one another again at the March 5th WinterFest, hosted again by the ever-gracious Frank and Antoinette Almaguer, and the March 22nd Second Annual Retirement Ceremony co-hosted by UAA and USAID.

One final note: Consider joining and playing a role on one of UAA’s Committees. While members work hard, they also have fun and help alumni stay connected to others with similar interests and the larger USAID alumni community.  You can stay updated on the latest regarding Committees and Co-Chairs by checking the UAA website here. 

We also have a constant need for mentors for the Mentoring Program. We are a volunteer organization and appreciate any way you can help. 

2023 UAA Awards Program

In 2023, the UAA will continue to recognize significant contributions by UAA members through its signature Alumni of the Year Awards. Since the inception of the Awards Program in 2014, the UAA has recognized and celebrated new paths taken by USAID alumni to provide service to their communities and to make lasting contributions to others at home and abroad.

For the Alumni of the Year awards, your help is requested in identifying individuals whose post-USAID activities are truly exemplary and highlight the quality of our alumni community. We ask each of you to consider nominating (or self-nominating) someone you know who is deserving of this recognition.

The Awards Committee will accept nominations for Alumni of the Year, beginning now until July 31, 2023. Send nominations electronically to: The award winners will be announced at the Annual General Meeting in October.  To see the 2023 UAA Awards Program guidance please click here.

For additional photos of this event, please click here.

Workshop for UAA Mentors  in Cohort 12

On January 31st, 2023, the UAA-USAID Mentoring Program hosted a workshop for the USAID Alumni Association (UAA) mentors participating in the 2023 Cohort 12 class. Thirty mentors attended the successful training led by UAA’S Denise Rollins, Sharon Pauling, Terry Brown, Corey Thompson from USAID’s Human Capital and Talent Management (HCTM) Office, and workshop facilitator Neil Levine.

The workshop featured Agency leaders – Counselor Clinton White; Senior Development Advisor at the Foreign Service Institute Sheryl Stumbras; and staff from the Senior Leadership Group, Lit Tazewell and Sarah Wine; Africa Bureau, Angela Williams-Bostic; and Global Health, Natalia Machuca.  The Agency leaders provided updates on Agency priorities, workforce development, and challenges.

RoseMarie Depp and Sheryl Stumbras shared their experiences with their nine-year mentor-mentee relationship. USAID staff Joshua Kaufman, Sarah Rose, and Clifton Kennon, Jr. provided updates on the Agency’s new development policies, localization strategy, and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility efforts. These presentations were followed by hands-on training to prepare this year’s mentors to engage with their mentees, current Foreign Service Officers posted overseas. 

Emergency Relief Funds for Ukraine:  for FSNs and for Ukrainian Citizens

For information about contributing to relief of the Ukraine emergency, including the FSN Emergency Relief Fund and ways to support the people of Ukraine compiled by DACOR Bacon House Foundation’s Development Office, click here.

UAA Partnership with American University Library Archives

Since 2019 the American University Library Archives have welcomed donations of AID alumni personal memorabilia of their USAID service. The UAA has now established a partnership with the Archives to support the preparation, processing, and making available to researchers of these papers, including those donated by the UAA and by individual alumni and others.  We envision the program will continue for five or more years; after two years the Archivist and UAA will assess the program’s effectiveness before committing for the additional years.  The UAA has pledged an initial sum of $10,000 over two years ($5,000 each year) to finance student interns to help prepare and organize these papers and make them more easily available. The funding for this program is drawn entirely from contributions made to the AID history project, which included the clear hope that the book would stimulate further study and understanding of AID’s more than 60 years of development history. AID alumni are strongly urged to consider donating their memorabilia to this collection. (See

Development Dialogues

The UAA/DACOR Development Dialogues and the UAA Development Issues Committee Dialogues provide interactive conversations on a broad range of topics relevant to the interests of international development professionals.

Below are summaries of the most recent events. Each includes a link either to an audio or video of the event. Being able to listen or watch an event should be of particular interest to Association members who live outside the DC area.

For a full archive of all events that have audio or video availability, please click here.  

DACOR has decided that virtual attendance at its programs – including the UAA/DACOR Development Dialogues – will now cost $10 per program, plus a 3% charge for credit card payments. This fee had been voluntary, and many had paid the fee, but in view of the base cost to host virtual or hybrid events, the DACOR Board concluded that all participants should share the expense. The cost of DACOR lunches will remain at $35.

Report on March 6, 2023, Business Meeting of the Development Issues Committee

The UAA Development Issues Committee held a business meeting on March 6. The Committee has a very broad portfolio to manage including DACOR Development Dialogues, Development Issues presentations, and the UAA Book Club as well as UAA support for aspects of the policy agenda with USAID. The recent discussion covered operational topics including: UAA feedback to USAID on draft policies; fora for discussions on current development issues, including the Book Club; Mission coaching on aspects of the program cycle; and UAA relationships with other organizations. The ongoing need for volunteers for specific tasks was highlighted. To read the complete report CLICK HERE.

UAA DACOR Development Dialogue:

The American Imperative: Reclaiming Global Leadership through Soft Power

On Friday, February 10, 2023, for the first time since the pandemic began, the UAA/DACOR Development Dialogue actually took place at the landmark DACOR-Bacon House.   CSIS Senior Vice President Dan Runde was engaged in conversation by Ambassador Jim Michel about Dan’s just issued book The American Imperative: Reclaiming Global Leadership through Soft Power. An audience of about thirty joined us in house for a spirited discussion, along with about thirty more joining on-line for this hybrid presentation.  To watch the nearly one-hour program please click here.

UAA DACOR Development Dialogue:

The Young Black Leader’s Guide to a Successful Career in International Affairs: What the Giants Want You to Know

On January 17, at a joint DACOR/UAA “hybrid” session, Aaron Williams, Taylor Jack, and Jennifer Brinkerhoff, authors of The Young Black Leader’s Guide to a Successful Career in International Affairs: What the Giants Want You to Know, discussed the origins of the book, the many important voices included, and themes of particular relevance to mentoring others. They were introduced by Hannah Jackson, cofounder of the Elliott School of International Affairs Young Black Professionals in International Affairs student organization. The event was also an opportunity to recognize the many members of DACOR and USAID Alumni Association who volunteer their time and experience to serve as mentors. For a video of this event see link here.  For more information on the Generations Dialogue Project for supporting a more representative American foreign policy, please see a short video at .

“The Enduring Struggle:  The History of the U.S. Agency for International Development and America’s Uneasy Transformation of the World “

by John Norris

The Enduring Struggle: the history of the US Agency for Intl Devt

John Norris‘ book, The Enduring Struggle – The History of the Agency for International Development and America’s Uneasy Transformation of the World, was published in July 2021. In a short review, Foreign Affairs wrote:  “This comprehensive history of the U.S. Agency for International Development…deserves to be read by all students of U.S. foreign policy.”  A very positive review of The Enduring Struggle by Mary Jane Maxwell has recently been published in the Journal of World History.  (Read it here.)  Copies may be purchased from the publisher at a 30 percent discount by using the form at this link.  Alumni with suggestions for events that will popularize the book or to generate reviews should send their suggestions to Alex Shakow at


Additions to the Bibliography of USAID Authors

Five interesting books have recently been added to the Bibliography.  Former mission director Bill Frej has published two award-winning photography books: Travels Across the Roof of the World: A Himalayan Memoir and Seasons of Ceremonies:  Rites and Rituals in Guatemala and Mexico.  Thomas Johnson has written an intriguing:  Common Place: The Public Library, Civil Society and Early American Values.  Stu Callison has added his 1983 Land-to-the-Tiller in the Mekong Delta:  Economic, Social and Political Effects of Land Reform in Four Villages of South Vietnam, the 7th book on Vietnam in our collection.  Finally, former RIG officer Jose Pena’s memoir is entitled In Pursuit of Improvements:  A Memoir Based on a Forty-Year Foreign Service Officer’s Career with the U.S. Agency for International Development and as an International Financial Consultant.  

Please forward any new books to

In Memoriam

UAA has learned of the recent deaths of the following members of our USAID alumni community:

Eric Robert Loken, Portia Linnea Palmer, Richard “Noosh” Nishihara, Harold P. Kurzman, James J. Tarrant, Edward Howard “Bear” Winant, William David McKinney, David “Dave” Howard Pritchard, Irwin “Irv” A. Levy, John Thomas Rifenbark, Jr., Dana Austin Lund, Sue Janssen, Ann Richards, Wayne Tate, Lois Richards, William Lefes, Anton “Tony” Cistaro, Jim Cummiskey, Laura Lindskog, Richmond Allen, Tina Forrester Cleland

A full listing of alumni obituaries may be seen in the In Memoriam section.

If you would like to provide a brief obituary or personal tribute for these former colleagues and friends to be posted on this website or if you know of other people who have passed way and have not been noted here, please send the information to: Attn: Memorials.


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