Public Outreach

Co-Chair: David McCloud
Co-Chair: Beth Hogan

The purpose of the Public Outreach Committee is to sponsor activities that will inform the American public and the professional development community on successful and sustainable development by drawing upon the wisdom, lessons and collective on-the-ground experience of UAA’s membership. The Public Outreach Committee has established a Speakers Bureau to facilitate outreach to US organizations and communities. You can email this committee at:

Membership Services

Co-Chair: Bette Cook
Co-Chair: Tom Nicastro

This Committee serves as the central operational unit to grow the membership and support Board-approved UAA activities by mobilizing UAA member- volunteer work and by facilitating Board fund-raising and membership contributions. The Committee builds and maintains: 1) a regularly updated Directory of former USAID employees and an e-mail system to reach retirees regularly with UAA notices; and 2) a low-cost website. The Committee encourages greater membership engagement through newsletters, regional gatherings and other member-identified activities.  You can email this committee at:

Strengthening USAID

Co-Chair: Roberta Mahoney
Co-Chair: Rose Rakas

The Strengthening USAID Committee is responsible for management of the UAA mentoring program.   UAA’s purpose in supporting the program is to contribute to the development of the next generation of Agency leaders. The program matches field-based officers with alumni mentors. The prime purpose of the program is to provide mentees with professional and career guidance. The Mentoring Program is the result of effective collaboration between the UAA, senior Agency leaders who have championed the program and Bureau staff who have made it happen. You can email this committee at:

Development Issues

Co-Chair: Steve Giddings
Co-Chairs: Stephen Haykin, Gail Spence

This Committee tracks and keeps the UAA membership advised on key development issues, new development challenges and the changing foreign assistance environment. The Committee’s goal is to ensure that the UAA membership is kept abreast of development innovations through UAA’s membership in the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network (MFAN) and through monitoring the work of development-oriented think tanks and journals as well as the publications of UAA members.  This Committee is responsible for organizing the Development Dialogue luncheon series hosted by DACOR. You can email this committee at:

Finance and Administration

Co-Chair: Rob Sonenthal

Co-Chair:  Tish Butler (Website Administrator)

The Finance and Administration Committee provides for the oversight of UAA finances and audits, the UAA website, and staffing issues.