Resources for UAA Mentors


Useful Background Documents

UAA/USAID Mentoring Program Flyer 2023

UAA/USAID Mentoring Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) This document provides responses to questions frequently asked by prospective mentors.

UAA/USAID Mentoring Program Description (November 2015) –  Provides a brief overview of the UAA/USAID Mentoring Program from Inception to November 2015. It also includes indicators of successful mentor/mentee engagement.

USAID Mentoring Program Periodic Survey (March 2021) – Responses from 59 mentors on mentor-cohort initiation.

Mentoring Framework This template can be used by mentors and mentees to develop a mutually agreeable Action Plan for the mentoring relationship.

Reference Manual for New Entry Foreign Service Officers – This manual is a mandatory reference for Automated Data System (ADS) Chapter 459 and was partially revised January 6, 2014. It covers a number of topics that may be useful in mentoring USAID Foreign Service Officers: Roles and Responsibilities, USAID/Washington-Based Activities, Career Candidate Junior Officer (JO) Evaluation and Administrative Promotion, Mid-Career Officer (ML) Evaluation and Promotion, Extensions and Curtailments.

Basic Program Documents and Agreements

Mentor Profile This form is completed by prospective UAA mentors to facilitate the work of the UAA Committee in matching the mentor with a mentee applicant.

Mentor and Mentee Agreement This document outlines expectations of the mentor and the mentee, length of the mentoring relationship, and confidentiality understandings and parameters. This document is signed by the mentee and then the mentor and submitted to the appropriate Bureau Coordinator with a copy to the UAA Committee to start the mentoring partnership. Following this submission all communication is strictly between the mentor and mentee.

Program Surveys and Evaluations

UAA-USAID Mentoring Program End of Cohort 12 Program Evaluation Summary, covering September 2022-June 2023.  In October 2022, UAA launched Cohort 12 with 38 UAA retirees mentoring 44 FSOs in the Senior Leadership Group (Mission Directors, Deputy Mission Directors, and Aid Representatives), the Global Health Bureau (GH), and the Africa Bureau (AFR).  Mentee-mentor partnerships officially began in January 2023 and ran until June 2023.  Of the 44 FSOs, 12 were SLG, 13 GH, and 19 AFR.

UAA-USAID E&E Bureau Pilot Mentor Program Evaluation Final Report (June 27, 2013) This evaluation report assesses the UAA-USAID E&E Bureau Pilot Mentor Program which lasted for approximately four months, beginning in late January and ending in May 2013. It provides a summary of the evaluation findings as well as recommendations for future program development.

Report on Mid-Term Monitoring of Mentors USAID/UAA Mentoring Program (Regular Cohort 1) February 2014 This report is based on ten mentor responses. It provides useful information on positive aspects of the mentoring program, constraints, and suggestions for improving the program from the perspective of mentors.

UAA-USAID Mentoring Program Periodic Survey (August/September 2014) In August/September 2014 a survey of 32 currently listed mentoring partners was conducted. Responses to the “mirror image” Survey Monkey questionnaire were received from 22 mentors (69% return rate) and 13 mentees (41% return rate). Findings are summarized by question from the perspective of mentors and mentees for comparison purposes. A conclusions section provides information on success factors, comments on mechanics of the program, and limiting factors.

UAA/USAID August 2016 Mentoring Program Evaluation – This evaluation covers the program from its initiation through the first five cohorts of mentors and mentees. It contains specific, implementable recommendations.

Tools for Mentors and Mentees

New! The New USAID FS Evaluation System Explained:

Human Capital and Talent Management Center for Professional Development Mentoring Program Participant Handbook USAID/HCTM (aka HR) manual for the Agency’s in-house mentoring program.

USAID Employee Performance and Development Process: Guidebook for SupervisorThis May 2018 publication is a practical guide for supervisors to implement and succeed with day-to-day performance management.

New USAID Foreign Service Annual Performance Evaluation Form

What Makes Good Mentors and Mentees? This brief piece offers profiles for both.

Questions for Mentors and Mentees These can help guide a conversation and lead it in constructive ways to productive dialogues that can uncover relevant information.

Possible Discussion Topics – Looking for things to discuss? This short list has some useful ideas.

Suggested Reading and Web Resources 

Tips for Mission Directors – Reflections, Advice, and Survival Tips from USAID Mission Directors.

USAID Field Operations Leadership: Mission Manager Tradecraft This 2017 revision is built around ten key Mission manager roles.

Two Years in a PRO Manager’s Life – Agency training material for Program Officers.

What Millennials Want in the Workplace, and Why You Should Start Giving it to Them – Forbes Magazine

Managing Tomorrow’s People – Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Characteristics of Millennials in the Workplace

Training Materials for Cohort 7 (12/17)

Webinar for New Mentees – PowerPoint Presentation

A Few Notes About Coaching and Mentoring – From John Pielemeier, based on the Agency’s substantial coaching endeavor under the DLI program.