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USAID alumni in West Florida

Gerry Cashion is now living in Venice, Florida, and would like to connect with other USAID alumni in the area. You can reach him at

Foreign Service Retirees Association of Florida

The Foreign Service Retirees Association of Florida, founded in 1982, is one of the oldest and largest statewide organizations of foreign service retirees in the United States. FSRA is designed to enhance the camaraderie and friendship of members and guests, as well as increase public knowledge of the Foreign Service and international affairs in part by providing guest speakers to educational institutions and other groups. FSRA also sponsors semi-monthly luncheons between September and May at locations throughout the state with speakers on topics related to foreign affairs. The Association has over 250 members and welcomes retirees from the Department of State, USAID, Peace Corps, as well as anyone who has served overseas as a representative of a U.S. government agency, including a branch of the Armed Services. Currently, we have over 40 USAID retirees from all over Florida as members. We welcome our USAID colleagues to visit our website to learn more and to become members.

You can explore the FSRA website at  Also, our colleague Frank Young–also a member of FSRA–can field questions you may have about the organization.  He can be reached at