AFSA supports the interests of both the active and retired USAID Foreign Service. To find out more about AFSA and how to join, click here.

         **AFSA Opportunity!  The American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) invites retired USAID Foreign Service Officers to join the organization.  We make no secret of it: if you are not currently a member of AFSA, we want you to re-join. Retirees bring special strengths to AFSA, including a deep knowledge of our profession. At the same time, there are many benefits to AFSA membership in retirement – and the cost is up to one-half less than for active duty personnel.  You will stay connected through AFSA’s award-winning Foreign Service Journal, curated news “bites” in AFSA’s Daily Media Digest, your local FS association, and local or virtual events, such as Ambassador Bill Burns on the current state of diplomacy and AFSA President Eric Rubin’s reports on critical trends.  You will stay engaged and advocating through AFSA’s Speakers’ Bureau and supporting AFSA’s powerful voice on the Hill.  You will stay smart through AFSA’s Federal Benefits programming, which offers expert advice on retirement benefits issues, and “Next Stage” programming on transitioning from the FS to new careers and vocations.  Finally, members have access to AFSA’s One-Stop Shop for information germane to retirees, AFSA’s bimonthly Retirement Newsletter, and the expertise of AFSA’s Retirement Benefits Counselor, Dolores Brown. To join AFSA in retirement, please visit our website or email us at


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