Board of Directors & Executive Committee

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 For Board and Executive Committee members’ access to the UAA ExecCom Working Materials, click here. 
The current Board of Directors and Executive Committee Co-Chairs are serving in their positions during the October 2022 – October 2023 period.


 UAA Co-Chair                                 Roberta Mahoney

UAA Co-Chair                                  Margaret Neuse

Board Member; Secretary               Mike Toder

Board Member; Treasurer               Carol Dabbs

Board Member                               Chris Milligan

Board Member                               Denise Rollins

Board Member                               Joy Riggs-Perla

MOU Coordinator, 2023:         Chris Milligan
Deputy MOU Coordinator:   Roberta Mahoney

SENIOR ADVISORS TO THE BOARD, 2023:             
       Communications                Nancy Tumavick           
       Public Outreach                 Jim Bever


Development Issues                   Steve Haykin and Gail Spence
Board Liaisons:                           Roberta Mahoney, Chris Milligan
Membership                               Tom Nicastro and Barbara Bennett
Board Liaison:                             Miles Toder     

Awards                                       Bette Cook
Board Liaison:                            Margaret Neuse

Social Events                             Karen Freeman and Margot Ellis
Board Liaison:                           Denise Rollins

Mentoring Program                  Denise Rollins and Sharon Pauling
Board Liaison:                           Denise Rollins  

Annual General Meeting           Steve Wingert and Terry Brown
Board Liaison:                           Joy Riggs-Perla
Public Outreach                        Beth Hogan and Christine M. Sheckler
Board Liaison:                           Miles Toder       
USAID History/ADST                Alex Shakow and Carol Peasley
Board Liaison:                          Margaret Neuse

Finance and Administration     Carol Dabbs
         Newsletter Editor                      TBD (Nancy Tumavick interim)
         Website Curator                        Stu Callison
         EC Secretary                              Rob Sonenthal
Administrative Staff           
      Systems Manager               Ven Suresh