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The International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) is searching for a new Director of Policy & Advocacy in Washington, DC, who will provide day-to-day management, strategic direction, technical oversight and quality assurance for ICRW’s global and U.S. foreign policy and advocacy team and serves as a thought leader and export on key issues championed by the policy and advocacy portfolio.  The Director will have fundraising responsibilities, including cultivating and engaging current donors, ensuring reports and deliverables are executed in a timely manner, and generating new concepts and proposals. See details here. 

Posted 5/24/2023

USAID/Iraq Job Opportunity: Come to Baghdad and Make a Difference!

USAID/Iraq seeks offers from qualified persons for a Chief of Operations, a de facto Deputy Mission Director, USPSC for one year with the possibility of an extension. The Chief of Operations serves as a senior manager and policy advisor for USAID/Iraq and has primary responsibility for operations. The position will be based in Baghdad. The solicitation closes on June 16, 2023, 5:00pm EST. Point of Contact is Diego Marquez at  See attached solicitation for the USAID/Iraq Chief of Operations (de facto Deputy Mission Director)

Volunteer Opportunity: 
Roster of Resource Persons to Advise on Localization

UAA, in collaboration with USAID’s Design to Procurement & Implementation (D2PI) Working Group, is seeking to identify members to join a list of potential resource persons on various aspects of the Agency’s localization initiative. Participation would be on a voluntary basis.

The D2PI Working Group is made up of representatives from OAA, PPL, and GC. It works on clarifying and streamlining USAID’s design, procurement and implementation processes to help USAID staff work in more efficient and collaborative ways.

The DWPI Working Group and UAA have developed a list of topics for which the Working Group may seek advice from our members. These include:

  1. Integrating diverse local perspectives into strategic planning and design
  2. Choice of instruments and partners
  3. Use of Government-to-Government (G2G) instruments
  4. Strengthening capacity of local organizations
  5. Strengthening capacity of local NGO Boards
  6. Strengthening internal systems of local organizations
  7. Outsourcing and partnering options for local organizations as means of complying with USAID requirements
  8. Strengthening M&E systems of local organizations
  9. Assisting local organizations ability to respond to USAID solicitations
  10.  Streamlining USAID award processes for local awards to enhance local initiative
  11. Identifying steps to decrease cost to local organizations for co-creation
  12. Managing change within USAID
  13. Working with non-traditional partners

We encourage you to join our roster of resource persons: If interested, please respond to Stephen Haykin at and Gail Spence at by Monday, July 18, with the following information: 

  • Name
  • E-Mail address
  • Position(s) Held at USAID
  • Current Position (if applicable)
  • Area(s) of expertise related to Localization (from list above)

Thank you for your consideration.
USAID Alumni Association, Development Issues Committee



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