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Foreign Service Grievance Board

The AFSA Governing Board is seeking Foreign Service annuitants to serve on the Foreign Service Grievance Board (FSGB). Members of the FSGB must be independent, distinguished citizens known for their integrity, who are not current employees of a foreign affairs agency, including as a Re-Employed Annuitant (REA/WAE). The term of appointment is two years beginning in October 2023, but the selection process takes months as AFSA and the agencies must agree on a slate of nominees, who then must be approved by the Secretary of State.  The FSGB adjudicates grievances filed by Foreign Service employees and retirees as well as implementation disputes filed by AFSA and the foreign affairs agencies. Most work is done remotely via email or conference call. The time commitment varies during the year depending on workload, but normally averages 8-12 hours per week at the EX/IV pay rate (currently $87.93 per hour).  For the full announcement please click hereThe deadline for applying is Monday, February 20, 2023.

Call for Nominations:  2023-2025 AFSA Governing Board

Volunteering for service on the AFSA Governing Board means that you can represent your colleagues and help ensure that the voice of the Foreign Service is heard on the Hill and around the country. You will participate in the management and modernization of a multimillion-dollar organization with a large staff and real impact in Washington, including securing Congressional funding for the Foreign Service, working to tell the story of diplomacy to our fellow Americans and ensuring that all members of the Foreign Service are treated with fairness.

If this sounds like something you would be proud to do, please consider joining the next AFSA leadership team by running for a position on the 2023-2025 AFSA Governing Board. The Committee on Elections encourages members of all backgrounds to consider running; diversity is a core strength of any governing body.  For the full announcement, click hereThe deadline for nominations is February 15, 2023. 


Strategies for International Development (SID)
Board Member to Backstop the Women’s Program

Strategies for International Development (SID), is a U.S. nonprofit that designs, proves, and promotes better methods for helping poor farmers make the transition from subsistence to sustainable commercial farming.  We are looking for new Board members to expand our Board of Directors.  We are interested in candidates who have a strong interest in women’s equality and who will pay particular attention to our women’s component.  This is volunteer position.  In all our programs we have a women’s component that helps women advance their income and leadership at the same time.  They build family-farm enterprises and become leaders in their communities.  Personal growth and business growth encourage and reinforce each other, and both increase their equality.  For the complete job description, please click here

(Valid until April 30, 2023)

USAID Alumni Association Membership Committee 

Seeks Administrative Assistant, Part-time  

Scope of Work

The Administrative Assistant, part-time, to the USAID Alumni Association (UAA) Membership Committee (“MemCom”) will take day-to-day direction from the MemCom, while coordinating with the UAA Administrative Systems Manager, and provide the following services.

  • Review existing MemCom monthly Constant Contact statistical reports with a view towards making them more policy relevant to UAA leadership.
  • Integrate survey/monkey as a tool to gauge membership satisfaction
  • With UAA Finance Leadership, generate statistics which demonstrate comparable per member “donations” on a monthly and annual basis.
  • Identify and implement new email/phone/state and other data-gathering tools to enhance UAA customer satisfaction.
  • Assist MemCom in conducting periodic member surveys.


  • Experience with Constant Contact, Survey/Monkey and LIkert data gathering and analysis
  • Proficiency in computer technology
  • Ability to advise and assist MemCom on UAA hybrid meetings.
  • UAA membership preferable.
  • DMV resident desirable.
  • Part-time position.

Volunteer Opportunity: 

Roster of Resource Persons to Advise on Localization

UAA, in collaboration with USAID’s Design to Procurement & Implementation (D2PI) Working Group, is seeking to identify members to join a list of potential resource persons on various aspects of the Agency’s localization initiative. Participation would be on a voluntary basis.

The D2PI Working Group is made up of representatives from OAA, PPL, and GC. It works on clarifying and streamlining USAID’s design, procurement and implementation processes to help USAID staff work in more efficient and collaborative ways.

The DWPI Working Group and UAA have developed a list of topics for which the Working Group may seek advice from our members. These include:

  1. Integrating diverse local perspectives into strategic planning and design
  2. Choice of instruments and partners
  3. Use of Government-to-Government (G2G) instruments
  4. Strengthening capacity of local organizations
  5. Strengthening capacity of local NGO Boards
  6. Strengthening internal systems of local organizations
  7. Outsourcing and partnering options for local organizations as means of complying with USAID requirements
  8. Strengthening M&E systems of local organizations
  9. Assisting local organizations ability to respond to USAID solicitations
  10.  Streamlining USAID award processes for local awards to enhance local initiative
  11. Identifying steps to decrease cost to local organizations for co-creation
  12. Managing change within USAID
  13. Working with non-traditional partners

We encourage you to join our roster of resource persons: If interested, please respond to Stephen Haykin at and Gail Spence at by Monday, July 18, with the following information: 

  • Name
  • E-Mail address
  • Position(s) Held at USAID
  • Current Position (if applicable)
  • Area(s) of expertise related to Localization (from list above)

Thank you for your consideration.
USAID Alumni Association, Development Issues Committee


USAID-UAA Mentoring Program – Volunteers Needed!

Next year, the USAID/UAA Mentoring program will be entering its 10th year of supporting field-based FSOs. During this time over 335 mentorship pairs have been matched, and evaluations reflect the mentees’ overwhelmingly positive experiences. We’ve grown from Cohorts of about 20 mentees, up to a record 77 matches in Cohort 10

As we look to continue the Program’s successes over the next 10 years, the Strengthening USAID Committee is looking to add volunteers to the Committee.

Initially, we need a volunteer to help organize and standardize the Mentoring Program’s digital records of the Mentoring Program. You haven’t been a mentor before, you say? No problem! We are basing our file organizations on the Google Suite applications, so while no prior knowledge of the mentoring program is needed, some familiarity with Docs, Sheets, and Forms would be helpful.

We’ll be looking for other volunteers as well in the coming months, so if you have some time to help the Strengthening USAID Committee, please contact Rose Rakas or Alicia Dinerstein at




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