Dues Payment

UAA Core Process—Dues Payment

Dues payments are contributions to UAA, which is a 501c3 organization, and are therefore eligible as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes.

Specifics about paying online by credit card or by mail by check are on the left-hand side of the opening page of our website https://usaidalumni.org/. Alumni can check whether they are members for the current year at: https://usaidalumni.org/alumni/uaa-contributing-members/. (Links to lists for prior years are at the bottom of that current year list.)

Primary points to remember:

  • Membership is on a calendar year basis. This means the membership year is January 1-December 31, not 12 months from the date on which dues were most recently paid.
  • Contributions from eligible alumni at or above the suggested amounts by category received on December 1 in year 20xx-1 through November 30 in year 20xx are attributed to UAA membership in year 20xx.
  • During January 1 – March 31, both those who were members for the prior year and those who are members for the current year may attend member-only events. Beginning April 1, current year membership is required to attend these events.
  • Member-only events include the UAA book group, the Development Issues meetings, and the Annual General Meeting.

Registering with UAA (without paying dues) may be done at any time during the year. Once vetted as being eligible for membership, registrants who are not members for the current year receive UAA emails but are not eligible to attend member-only events.

Inclusion in the Directory of UAA Alumni may be requested by members and non-member registrants, who will then receive the password for access to the directory.

Approved by UAA Board, 9/1/2022