Herb Adelman

Herbert Adelman (Age 82) was born May 26, 1932 and died May 20, 2015 after a brief illness. He is survived by his loving wife of 58 years, Betty Adelman; his children, Rachel, Paul, and Jennifer; eight grandchildren; and a brother, and three sisters.

Herb attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served as a radio officer during the Korean War, on the U.S.S. McNair, Herb then completed his education at the Columbia Law School. He clerked for Judge Stanley Fuld of the New York State Supreme Court, and then practiced law in New York City.

Attracted to Washington, DC by the Kennedy administration’s Alliance for Progress, he worked in the Agency for International Development’s General Counsel’s Office and in its Latin America Office of Capital Development. He then pursued a private international practice at the law firm Cameron, Hornbostel, and Adelman.

During his first retirement, in the early “80s, he taught U.S. law at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC He returned to law practice as a class-action litigator, successfully representing, with co-counsel, people whose health insurance rates were improperly raised, and then insurance agents who were denied promised permanent health insurance benefits. He continued to work as a class-action litigator for people who needed his strong will and determination. In his last case, he successfully worked with other attorneys to obtain compensation for retirees who had unknowingly invested in a Ponzi scheme run by the CEO of a chain of assisted living facilities.

Although retired (again) at 81, he continued to help people examine the merits of their cases and to find legal representation, especially for claims involving denied health insurance benefits. He was an avid hiker, skier, and kayaker. He loved good friends, good food, and good conversation. He made lifelong friends from a single ride up a snowy mountain in a chairlift with a stranger. Above all, Herb loved and was greatly loved by his family.

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