July 2011 Minutes

UAA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

July 21, 2011


Executive Committee:  Paula Goddard (Co-Chair), Ann Van Dusen (Co-Chair), George Hill (Treasurer), Nancy Tumavick (Secretary), Carol Peasley, John Lovaas, Pam Mandel, David Cohen, Gary Merritt and (by phone) Curt Farrar.

1. June Executive Meeting Minutes

The June meeting minutes were circulated, with comments incorporated.  The minutes were approved, and will be posted on the website and in the Google Docs archiving system.

2. Report from the Treasurer

It was reported that there is approximately $15,000 in the account.  Recent bills from our web master and intern have reduced the balance to $13,500.

3.  Website Redux

The discussion that took place covered several topics beyond just website:

  • New Members. There has been a significant decrease in new members during the last two months.  Currently, the Constant Contact list contains 685 registrants.
  • It is expected that the Executive Committee members will use the usaidalumni.org email address for communications.  We may need to expand the number of list serve groups since we are currently limited to 7 per list.
  • Online Payment. The question was revisited with the Treasurer who is still uncomfortable with buying into any of the systems that he has examined.    The Treasurer agreed to test the online payment function and he was asked to choose the vendor which offered the most cost effective options.
  • Revisions/additions to website. The editing function under the Word Press system that we have installed is not user friendly, but will be retained for the foreseeable future.  David Cohen presented a list of revisions or additions that he still sees necessary or desirable including:
  1. Install the online payment function
  2. Establish a forum in the Word Press format
  3. Decide how best to incorporate death notices.  (The Membership Committee will examine options including individual memorials. )
  4. Update the Alumni Directory
  5. Update the Newsletter archive
  6. Set up system to allow limited number of Board members to make changes to to site e.g. Co-Chairs, Webmaster and Administrative Assistant
  7. Speakers Bureau description needs an update
  8. Minor formatting revisions

 4.  Next Newsletter

Given her new employment, it is unclear how much time Meredith will have to work on the Newsletter. Various Board members are contributing.

  • Profiles: George is drafting one on Bastiaan Schouten and Priscilla Del Bosque and Ann is drafting one on the Sindings. It would be good to develop a backlog of profiles so all Board members were encouraged to submit suggestions.
  • AGM: Newsletter will provide informationrer on current plans, including timing, payment, Ballentyne book rollout (and distribution of free copies), Shah policy speech and elections. Decision made not to note the 150 seat limit at the Clarendon Ballroom.  The Board agreed to continue to send items to Meredith, who will compile the newsletter until she leaves this post.
  • Outside events: Carol will provide information on the SID World Conference to be held in DC from July 29-31 and details on the events surrounding the Peace Corps 50th Anniversary. Next newsletter Carol will report on the Interaction Forum that will take place in mid-August.
  • Committees:  Announce that the agendas for the Committees will be posted on the website and that comments are welcome.

 5.  AGM Planning (Draft Agenda attached)

 6.  Managing the membership/dues discussion

  • Survey: The committee agreed that the discussions at the AGM on the future of the UAA would benefit from greater advance input by the membership. Gary will draft a survey to be reviewed at the August meeting of the Board and to be distributed to the Constant Contact list of the UAA membership by the end of August.  Items for the survey include collecting opinions on reduction of annual membership contribution from the current $75,  interest in UAA social event this coming year and in serving on a committee to plan the event, and new ideas to make the UAA more interesting to its members.
  • Brochure:  Board members agreed that a UAA brochure would be useful perhaps  in time for distribution at the AGM.
  • USAID point person for the AGM is  Ari Alexander at USAID /LPA

 7. USAID request for DLI session with UAA members

USAID has expressed an interest in co-hosting an event with UAA later this summer or early fall involving DLIs as part of the 50th Anniversary observations. Clay Dougherty in LPA is the point of contact. Pamela will follow up with USAID.

 8. Elections

Since only Ann and John will remain on the new Board, having in hand a viable slate of candidates for the five open positions is important, hopefully not fewer than 10. The two of them will comprise the nominating committee. Based on the first announcement that has already been sent to the members, Ann indicated expressions of interest from Frank Almaguer, Jim Michel, George Hill, and Margaret Carpenter. Board members were encouraged to seek additional candidates.

 9. Committee Reports

Note: Time constraints did not permit discussion of the agenda item.

 10. Other

Replacement for Meredith. Meredith has begun a new job; therefore, we will need to seek a replacement who should be on board NLT the time of the AGM. Since the rapid turnover of students interns has become an issue, it was decided to broaden recruitment to include retirees or spouses by posting a notice with the Family Liaison Office at State Department.  Gary will have a notice posted with the FLO for an administrative assistant rather than an intern so as to attract a broader response.

  • The next meeting will be held on August 18 from 10:30 to 12:00 at Tetratech in Rosslyn. The Board expressed its appreciation to CEDPA for hosting the July meeting.  Since the different locations are convenient for different people, we may continue to alternate locations of the monthly meeting.

Submitted:  Nancy Tumavick, Board Secretary

Approved August 18, 2011