Launch of recent initiative announced by USAID Administrator Samantha Power is a free, USAID-funded resource hub that empowers partners with the knowledge and networks to navigate how to work with USAID. By visiting the website, current and prospective partners will gain access to a variety of innovative services and curated resources, all designed to improve organizational readiness, connect partners to peers and experts, and prepare prospective partners to pursue USAID funding.

What You Can Do Now:
*Begin engaging with now!
*Create a profile in the Partner Directory for your organization.
*Take the Pre-Engagement Assessment to understand your organization’s capabilities and receive a customized report on how to address capacity gaps.
*Review resources in the library that will help you better understand how to work with USAID.
*Learn about stories of partnership in our News and Insight Blog.
*Spread the word to colleagues through your networks! The more organizations that join the community, the more useful it will be to all participating groups.

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