March 2009 Newsletter

Two teams of USAID alumni recently published excellent contributions to the overhaul/reform of US foreign assistance now getting underway in Congress and in the new Administration (PDF documents.)

Atwood, McPherson, & Natsios:“Arrested Development-Making Foreign Aid a More Effective Tool”, Foreign Affairs, Nov/Dec ’08

Speidel, Sinding, Gillespie, McGuire, Neuse:“Making the Case for U.S. International Family Planning Assistance”, JHU/Gates, Jan ’09

Make your views known. Write asap to UAA organizers agreed to poll USAID alumni views and report these in a consolidated way to House and Senate committees, to the White House and State Dept., and to the US NGO community.

1- What are your top three concerns for modernizing U.S. foreign assistance? (No more than 500 words, please.)

2- To oversee these and other reforms and to lead USAID in the coming years,who do you think should be the top (up to) three candidates for the new Administrator of USAID (and/or Director of Foreign Assistance)?

To those who respond we will quickly share our consolidation of alumni views. Please write us asap at to move the dialogue forward.

Apropos, see the U.S House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs’ undertaking to re-write the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961. And the Senate’s Bill S. 355 Increasing America’s Global Development Capacity Act of 2009 mandating an increase in the number of Foreign Services Officers employed by USAID by 700 one year after passing and by 1300 each of the next two years.

Contact info for over 600 people previously employed at USAID now is available – far from complete but steadily growing. Please help by offering missing info. Click here to access it. Contact for the username and password (it is case-sensitive.)

And, yes, we’re pleading for a few $$s to help us pay for the web space, webmaster, and incorporation costs…nearly all the work is by alumni volunteers and an unpaid intern. Online payment by credit card will be available shortly.

Or, to remind, Aaron Williams is Treasurer.  Please make checks payable to USAID Alumni Association or UAA and send them to the SID/W office at:  1875 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 720  Washington, DC 20009-5728, attention: USAID Alumni Association Working Group.  By 26 Feb, we had received a total of $1050

UAA Membership Registration Form

UAA organizers last week agreed to this as criteria for Membership:

Membership in the USAID Alumni Association is open to individuals who were formerly employed by the United States Agency for International Development or its predecessor agencies (e.g. MSA, ICA) for at least two years and who left the agency in good standing.Former civil servants, Foreign Service Officers, Foreign Service Nationals (FSNs), and third-country nationals ((TCNs) are all encouraged to join the UAA, as are former employees who were employed through inter-agency service agreements (PASA, RASA), fellowship programs (e.g.AAAS Fellows,Population Fellows), and personal services contracts (PSCs).

Please fill out this form to register your membership in the USAID Alumni Association. Your registration will be approved after confirmation of your USAID alumni standing by our membership committee.

Job Opportunities: William Carter M/HR/POD (<>) requested UAA to assist USAID/Afghanistan to find candidates for twenty-five (25) BS-12 GDO FS-02 and twenty-five BS-12 FS-03 positions ($64k – $117k salaries). If you or anyone you know is interested and qualified, check out these positions at and others at

UAAmeeting notes (Click to open PDF documents):

First UAA Meeting Issues and Notes (6 Nov ’08)
UAA Transition Team Talking Points (1 Dec ’08)
Meeting with DLI/Ballantyne (10 Feb ’09)

UAA Exec Committee Mtg Notes (26 Feb ’09 shows UAA’s present division of work by committees and chairpersons.)
Letter to USG Transition Team (20 Nov’09)
Strategy and Business Plan (Mar ’09)