Marvin Weissman

Ambassador Marvin Weissman passed away hours after his 90th birthday in Bethesda on January 26, 2017. Born in Cleveland, OH, he served in the US Army during WWII, received a PhB from the University of Chicago and MPA from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, and was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Copenhagen.

Ambassador Weissman had a distinguished career of public service in Latin America from 1955 to 1980. He contributed to economic development missions in Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Peru. He served as Director of USAID in Guatemala, Colombia, and Brazil; Director of Central American Affairs at the State Department; and Ambassador to Costa Rica and Bolivia. After retirement from the State Department, he worked at the Inter-American Development Bank 1981-1988.

Ambassador Weissman is survived by his wife, Maria Elena; his three children, Warren, Diane and Karen; and his grandchild, Sophie Curlee.

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