November 2011 Minutes

Minutes of the UAA Board and Executive Committee Meeting
November 17, 2011
10:30 AM – 12:15 PM
TetraTech Offices
Arlington, VA


Board members in attendance:  Frank Almaguer, Margaret Carpenter, George Hill, Jim Michel and Alexander Shakow.

Board member absences:  John Lovaas and Ann Van Dusen.

Committee co-chairs in attendance:  David Cohen, Curt Farrar, Paula Goddard, Brad Langmaid, Pamela Mandel, Gary Merritt and Nancy Tumavick.

Meeting Chair:  Alex Shakow


1. Approval of the Minutes of the October 31 Meeting:  The minutes, with minor editorial changes, were approved to be posted on the UAA website.


2. 50th Anniversary USAID Alumni Reflections Book:  The Membership Committee reported on recent discussions with USAID.  Board members were in agreement that the UAA is prepared to assume responsibility for distribution of some 500 books to UAA members under the terms of a “grant agreement” to be negotiated between USAID and the UAA.   However, UAA will not seek copyright authority and will not “own” the contents.  Further, the book’s “disclaimer” will state that the UAA’s distribution role should not be interpreted as endorsing the views of individual authors.  The Board understands that USAID will seek the clearance/ release by the individual authors before printing the final version for distribution by the UAA.  The Board discussed and endorsed with minor edits a “Draft Preface and Disclaimer” that was previously circulated.

Next steps:  The Board, led by Margaret and Nancy, will continue discussions with USAID technical and legal staff and report back at the next regular Board Meeting or sooner if possible.


3. Reports of Committee Chairs:   The Committee co-chairs who have not already     done so are reminded to finish drafting paragraphs summarizing the discussions at the AGM Committee breakout sessions. These will be published in the December newsletter.

Next steps:

a) Committee co-chairs are responsible for Newsletter input.  The Board co-chairs will review the final package before including in the December Newsletter.

b) Copies of the Committee paragraphs should be shared ASAP with Ann, Alex and Jim M. (the latter for purposes of incorporating issues in the 2012-13 UAA Business Plan).


4. Follow-up on Committee Roles and Responsibilities:

Next Steps:

  1. Committee co-chairs are reminded to review the descriptive paragraphs for each committee prepared for the AGM and placed on the UAA website. The Board will continue to review possible responsibility overlaps.
  2. The issue of possible membership for spouses, widows and widowers of those currently eligible for membership was discussed.  Board members concluded that broadening of membership would likely require changes to the by-laws. Paula and Nancy will take the lead in pursuing this issue with the Membership Services Committee and will bring it back to the Board at an appropriate time.


5. Follow-up on plans for gaining USAID views on opportunities for collaboration with the UAA:

Jim and Frank reported on the proposed meeting with USAID senior staff to discuss collaboration and channels for continuing communication. They want the meeting to be an opportunity for UAA to offer specific suggestions to USAID. They thought it should include a co-chair from each of the two committees most directly concerned with joint activities with USAID:  the Strengthening USAID and the Policy Issues committees.

Next Steps:  A working meeting of the co-chairs and Board liaisons of the two committees will meet on Thurs., Dec. 1 at 10:30 AM at TetraTech to a) clarify roles and objectives of the two committees and b) prepare an agenda for the meeting with USAID. Frank will then contact USAID Counselor Bambi Arellano to request the meeting during the week of Dec. 5 – 9.  David C. will draft an agenda and contact UAA members who have had relevant experience on this matter to participate in the Dec. 1 internal discussion.


6. Status of UAA Brochure:  The Board authorized David to proceed with the revised brochure.  The group suggested near-future needs (for use at DACOR and by public outreach speakers) to be in the neighborhood of 1,000 good quality copies.


7. Engagement with DACOR:   Gary indicated that DACOR and the Communication and Events Committee would like to increase the frequency of DACOR Development Dialogue (DDD) activities, including lectures monthly and regular “Roundtables”.  The Board expressed strong interest in strengthening UAA/DACOR partnership.

Next Steps:  The Board requested the Board liaison John Lovaas to work with the Committee and return to the Board with recommendations.


Items for the December Newsletter:


  1. Alumni profile;  Paula and Nancy will identify candidates for profiling in the December newsletter.  All participants were asked to submit candidates for these profiles for subsequent newsletters.
  2. Summary of committee meetings:  see # 3 above.
  3. Membership survey results:  Pamela
  4. New on the Website:  David
  5. Article on the FY2012 budget: it was suggested that the UAA has no particular insights at this point beyond the plentiful discussions in the media. No assignment was made.


9. Next Board Meeting: Thurs., Dec. 15 at 10:30 AM at TetraTech.


Drafted by Frank Almaguer on 11/17/2011
Distributed electronically in first draft on 11/21/11
Distributed electronically in “final” draft on 11/30/11
Approved by UAA Board on 12/15/11