Sidney Kidd Bliss

Sidney Kidd Bliss succumbed following a heart attack at his home in Maputo, Mozambique on 20 July, 2021, just shy of his 78th birthday.

Sid grew up in Boston, the eldest son of a Congregationalist minister.   Christian values instilled in his youth served Sid well throughout his life. He first went to Africa as a Peace Corp Volunteer serving in a rural development program in northern Togo. After a tragic accident, he returned to West Africa, working for various NGO’s and as a contractor to USAID, eventually as a Direct Hire. As a Foreign Service Officer, he served in West Africa (Niger, Togo, AID/W) and then in Southern Africa (Mozambique) as a Project Development Officer.

In retirement he continued to assist USAID/Maputo for several years on contract work primarily on providing humanitarian assistance to populations in northern Mozambique. He leaves behind his wife, Lurdes, of the family home in Maputo and son, Joshue, studying journalism in the UK.

Sid’s love for Africa spans decades. Fluent in French and Portuguese, Sid worked tirelessly with government agencies, local community organizations, and international and local NGOs to improve the lives of some of Africa’s most poverty-stricken communities. Sid loved his work, suffered the AID bureaucracy graciously, and excelled at networking with friends and colleagues who shared his commitment to respect and hope for African development. Throughout his life, Sidney served as a “connector” of people and ideas engaged in African development.  He mentored many younger development professionals who will keep his commitment to the development of African populations and his spirit of cooperation alive.

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