Ann Fitzcharles

Ann Fitzcharles (nee Alspach) passed away peacefully on August 8, 2019. Born on March 22, 1925 in Philadelphia to Russell and Catharine, her career with the U.S. Foreign Service took her to India, Egypt, Haiti, and the Philippines. She was the first single mother with USAID to live in an overseas posting with dependents. She will be remembered for her love of travel and diverse experiences, her sense of humor, her oft-demanding ways offset by her generous spirit, her amazing memory, her dedication to good grammar and punctuality, and her disdain for complaining. She was predeceased by her son Andrew (survived by his wife Khim) and is survived by her sister Sara Anderson; her children Uma, Kevin, and Leslie; her grandchildren Josef, Nadia, Marieta, and Ian; and her great grandchildren Na’im and Abigail. If she were here now, she would tell us all to drink a glass of wine and quit worrying so much. May you rest in peace, Ann.

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