August 2011 Minutes

UAA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

August 18, 2011

Participants: Executive Committee:  Paula Goddard (Co-Chair), Ann Van Dusen (Co-Chair), George Hill (Treasurer), Nancy Tumavick (Secretary),  John Lovaas, David Cohen,  Curt Farrar, Jim Michel, and guest Ben Barber.


1. Approval of the Minutes of the July 21 Executive Committee meeting.

The July meeting minutes were circulated, with comments incorporated.  The minutes were approved, and will be posted on the website and into the googledoc archiving system.

2. Update on the AGM

Attendance:  There was a general concern that only 19 people have registered for the AGM.  Another email should be sent as a reminder of the need to sign up and highlighting elections and the upcoming online survey.  It was noted that only one member of the Executive Committee had actually signed up. Timing: Week of August 22   Action:  Meredith to produce email reminder.

Videotaping:  Ben Barber presented his recommendations for a relatively inexpensive alternative to the original video proposal for the AGM. The Board approved the proposal for audiotaped  individual interviews that Ben will conduct during the AGM.  These interviews will be transcribed and posted, along with photos of each interviewee which Ben will also take. The final product will be made available on the Association website.  Estimated cost of $150-$200. Ben has volunteered to organize. Action: Meredith will include an announcement and sample interview questions in the next newsletter.


  • A suggestion was made to  conduct a UAA Website tutorial for those AGM participants who are interested. Discussion was postponed.
  • Ann will request Linda Whitlock-Brown to join the next Board Meeting since Linda has volunteered to organize the overall AGM logistics as in previous years. This will cover such things as AV equipment, space allocations, etc. for the meeting.

3. Survey of membership on future direction of UAA

A few hours before the Board meeting, Gary Merritt had circulated a draft survey along with a discussion of options. The basic purpose of the survey is to get a better sense of how the UAA can serve its members even better. It was decided to proceed with a survey with Board member suggested comments and revisions to be consolidated by John.  The survey should go to all who are registered on Constant Contact and should be sent before the end of the month.  If Meredith knows how to use the survey feature on the website, we will use it.  Otherwise, we will send it out via Survey Monkey.

Timing: Input to John by COB August 21;  Revised survey circulated by John by August 26 Survey to be posted NLT week of September 5

Action:  John, Executive Committee, Meredith

4. Elections

John Lovaas, member of the elections committee, reported that there already is a viable slate of candidates.   Board members will continue to contact possible candidates until  the nominations are closed on September 10.  Online voting will begin in early October, closed a few days before the AGM and then voting at the AGM as well. This was the procedure used previously and proved efficient.  The draft ballot format was approved.

5. Update on the website

David presented the status of  website development. He is continuing to work with Webmaster Sean McKee. There still are issues in managing certain aspects of the site, including:

  • A more easily accessed system for doing routine updates
  • The installation of an online payment function ASAP. The Board agreed.  Timing: Before end of August. Action: George and David in consultation with Gary.
  • The site still does not include an interactive user “forum” that could be a major attraction (noted the need to include this feature in the AGM tutorial.)
  • There is a need to develop a policy and better means for obtaining and including information regarding recently deceased alumni. A better system is needed to obtain and include timely information on job availabilities

6. UAA Brochure

The Board accepted Pam Mandel’s offer to explore production of a basic UAA brochure for general use such as distribution to potential members at the FSI retirement job fair. Content is already available on the website including a description of the UAA and the Committee structure.

Timing: If  timing allows, week of September 5 proposal and cost estimate to the Board

Action:  Pam Mandel

7.  Report from the UAA Committees

Committee reports were brief with only a couple of highlights noted below:

  • Communications and Events

It was noted that the Board, in order to better manage workload, has added an additional Committee for Communications and Events, basically as a spinoff from the Membership Committee . Nancy will review the By Laws and Business Plan to determine if any formal approvals or revisions are required to make the addition official and will report at the next EXCOM Meeting.


  • Development Issues

It was suggested that the Committee needs to focus on development issues as it was mandated, since there appears to be growing overlap with the mandate of the Strengthening USAID Committee.


  • Membership

The membership list needs to be reviewed and updated.


  • Public Outreach

The speakers’ bureau list needs to be updated


  • Strengthening USAID

Discussions with  key USAID officials continue.

8. Other

Recruitment for Administrative Assistant: In order to have Meredith’s replacement on board before the AGM, we need to post the job announcement at Georgetown and SAIS, and at the Family Liaison Office (FLO) at the State department, and the Foreign Service Institute. Timing: Immediate

Information: Paula noted contact from National Association of Retired Federal Employees. The EXCOM agreed she would forward the link to Meredith to be posted on the website, but only as info not as endorsement.

Timing: When convenient

Action: Paula and Meredith

Submitted: Nancy M. Tumavick, Board Secretary