Frederic Thomas

Frederic C. Thomas of Berkeley, CA, an artist and author aged 87, died Sept 16.

He and his wife, Xandra Loud, married 62 years, lived abroad most of this time because his life-long interest and employment was in developing countries. He served as Peace Corps country director in Morocco and Somalia, USAID director in Jordan, and UNDP resident representative in Saudi Arabia and Haiti. He wrote “Calcutta Poor” 1997; “To the Mouths of the Ganges” 2004; and “Slavery and Jihad in the Sudan” 2009.

He was born in New York City, graduated from Phillips Academy, Andover, studied Arabic at Harvard and received his doctorate in social anthropology from University of London. He cared for dogs and cats and over the years. He loved music and sang with the Berkeley chorus and amused himself in quiet moments by playing an oboe. With acrylics, he painted scenes from his travels.

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