Robert McClusky

Robert Stone McClusky was born on Feb. 4, 1934, in Washington, D.C., to George Nesbitt and Janet Stone McClusky. His father’s jobs took the family to Oregon, California, Berlin (Germany), and finally back to the D.C. area. Bob studied at Oberlin College in Ohio and the Woodrow Wilson School of International Affairs, Princeton, N.J.

Helping people and communities around the world was of great importance to Bob. He worked for CARE, the brand new Peace Corps, and finally, the Agency for International Development. In the early 60s, he was assistant director of the Peace Corps staff in Afghanistan. The period was a much different, promising time for the country, when women as well as men, were honored and given education and teaching responsibilities.

At AID, Bob worked with the Center for Human Capacity Development. He contributed much time and energy to the design and development of a National Research Council-sponsored workshop called “The Transition to Democracy.” He also worked to strengthen workforce development. He saw how important community colleges were in the US, and he strove to implement policy dialogue about them in other countries.

After overseas travel in the 1960s, Bob met Nancy Dixon, whom he married in 1968. They lived in Chevy Chase and then in Bethesda, Md., for 41 years before retirement and a move to Kendal at Oberlin in Ohio. At Kendal he was an active resident. Bob served for two years as vice president of KORA, the residents’ organization, and participated as an actor and/or director of several public play-reading events.

Bob leaves his wife, Nancy; brother, Campbell; and two daughters, Maryanne (Mrs. T. E. O’Connor Jr.) and Lauren (Mrs. F. P. Hudson). The O’Connor family includes 11-year-old Jay and nine-year-old Alaina; the Hudsons have 12-year-old Robert and nine-year-old Kathryn. Cam has one adult son, Graham.

Family vacations and holidays have been highlights in Bob’s life. When Maryanne and Laurie were teenagers, school friends would often join the family for fun at Bethany Beach, Del. Bob loved the ocean waves and the beach! Often Thanksgiving or Christmas family reunions happened.

Bob was curious about his genealogy and he discovered that he had a living relative in South Africa and a cousin (many generations removed) living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Bob and Nancy made several trips to Scotland and the cousins became good friends.*

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