Gordy Straub

Gordon “Gordy” Straub passed away, unexpectedly, on March 31, 2015 at his home in Virginia. He was a distinguished FSO who served with USAID for 16 years in Nicaragua ,Guatemala, Honduras and in the E&E Bureau in Washington before retiring in 1997.

Gordy had a successful 30 year career as an international development specialist. He began his USAID career in Nicaragua in 1980 as an International Development Intern and moved on to become the Deputy Director of the Office of Rural Development and Natural Resources in Honduras and later the Director of the Regional Office of Agriculture/Natural Resources in ROCAP and in the bilateral mission in Guatemala. He served for four years as the Director of the Productive Resources Office in El Salvador and later became the Senior Environmental Policy Adviser for the Bureau for Eastern Europe and New Independent States until 1997. Gordy also was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala in the Western Highlands from 1970-1972.

After leaving USAID in1997, he became a Principal Associate with ABT Associates where he served in many capacities including Project Director and Principal Adviser for a USAID Agribusiness and Trade Competitive Program in Mozambique and other projects in Central America, Dominican Republic, and the Ukraine.

He held a B.S. in International Studies and a M.A. in Agricultural Economics/Public Policy from the University of Wisconsin.

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