John (J.R.) Morgan

John Ronald (J.R.) Morgan, 73, passed away on Sunday, Nov. 19, 2017, at his home in Islamabad, Pakistan.   John, a native of Sale Creek, TN, is survived by his wife, Virginija Morgan and his daughter, Johnna Beth Morgan.   He was born on August 14, 1944, to the late Eschol and Gladys Morgan, and was preceded in his death by his brother Fred L. Morgan.

John Morgan joined USAID in 1985, as the energy officer at the USAID Mission in Pakistan. Afterward, he served in various positions in the USAID E&E Bureau and missions in Lthuania, Bulgaria, Egypt, the Central Asian Republics and again in Pakistan. Prior to USAID, he worked for NASA and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

John was a kind person, patient, willing to share his knowledge and experience with colleagues, and provided a calm voice even during times of unusual pressure. He will be missed greatly by those who had the honor and privilege of knowing him.

The family requests that donations be made to the American Cancer Society or other charitable organization of your choice in lieu of flowers.

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