Lisa Chiles

Lisa Chiles, Agency Counselor from May 2008 through July 2009, passed away peacefully in her sleep on the night of May 19, 2014. She was a career member of the Foreign Service and held the rank of Career Minister. Lisa had a distinguished, nearly 30-year career at USAID. She found her work at the Agency, including her interaction with colleagues and other stakeholders, an immensely enriching experience and used the lessons learned to teach her children the virtues of compassion and kindness.

Prior to serving as Counselor, Lisa was Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Asia and Near East Bureau. She also served as Mission Director in Pakistan, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka, and Deputy Mission Director in Bangladesh. Having previously worked with Ambassador Ryan Crocker in Pakistan, she happily agreed to his request that she serve as the Acting Mission Director in Iraq. Additionally, she served as the Regional Legal Advisor in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia, and as a Legal Advisor in the Office of the General Counsel in Washington. Before joining USAID, she was a trial attorney in the International Antitrust Section of the U.S. Department of Justice.

A native of North Carolina, Lisa received a Bachelor’s Degree from Salem College in North Carolina, a Juris Doctorate from Emory University, and a Master’s Degree in International and Comparative Law and Trade from Vrije Universiteit Brussel. She was a recipient of the Meritorious Presidential Service Award.

After retirement, she settled in Santa Barbara, California, where she resumed painting–one of her passions–and worked with various committees at All Saints By The Sea Church, and with the Music Academy of the West where she contributed her management experience. She is survived by her husband, Austin Pullé, her children Roshani and Ananda Julian, her son-in-law, Tom Inwood, and her brand new granddaughter, Evangeline Inwood.

The family plans to hold a memorial service in early December 2014 when the children, who now reside in England, and other family members will be in the United States.

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