Michael Feldstein

Michael Feldstein passed away in his home in Washington D.C. April 13, surrounded by friends and neighbors.

Mike’s life and adventures wholly encapsulate the Peace Corps mission of promoting world peace and friendship. In 1963, Mike joined Peace Corps Ethiopia II, and served two years in Dire Dawa establishing adult education programs. The skills he learned and experiences he had while serving in Ethiopia paved the way for what followed. He spent several decades working for the Agency for International Development and the Department of State, helping to set up and run programs to provide relief to those affected by war, poverty, and rights abuses in Southeast Asia, Southern and West Africa, and Latin America.

In retirement, Mike threw himself into service as a long time Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner and founding president of the Dupont Festival organization. Mike will be best remembered for his talent in bringing people together– including neighbors, business-people, city and federal officials, and community groups — and for his unique mix of charm, vision, light-heartedness, and persistence.   Every shopkeeper, sales clerk, waiter, and busboy knew Mike, and he knew them and how their families were doing.

The world, the District, and Mike’s neighborhood felt a little smaller because of his knack for creating friendships and collaboration.

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