Paul Crowe

Paul A. Crowe, 76, died of leukemia March 9, 2014.  Paul graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Wabash College and attended graduate school at the University of Florida and Tulane University.  He served on the faculty at the University of Georgia, GA, University of New Orleans, LA, and Western Kentucky, Bowling Green KY.  He was a Financial Economist for the Federal Reserve Atlanta, GA and Senior Economist for Economic Affairs, US Department of Commerce in Washington DC before entering USAID in 1983 as an Economist.

Paul served as a USAID Economist in Cairo, Egypt; Kingston, Jamaica; and Colombo, Sri Lanka.  After his retirement in 1993, he was employed by the US embassy as a consular/economic consultant in the Marshall Islands while he accompanied his wife Rosemary on her tour there as an Office Management Specialist.  He also accompanied Rosemary on her subsequent assignments to Muscat, Oman and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Paul loved the study of economics and he loved the water.  He was particularly well versed in monetary economics and economic statistics, following his positions with the Federal Reserve and the Commerce Department.  He was a great storyteller and loved to regale his associates with stories about his days in these positions.  He was a great fisherman and a wonderful cook of the fish he caught.  A perfect day for him would be to go fishing early in the morning, bring home his catch of tuna or river fish, and cook and eat fresh fish that evening.  In Jamaica he participated in the annual September marlin fishing contest with local friends.  To the delight of the USAID staff, he would share his marlin after he had smoked it.

He expanded his water activities to scuba diving, learning to dive in Egypt and continuing this sport in Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Marshall Islands, Oman and Malaysia.  While in the Marshall Islands, he was privileged to participate in some fascinating dives on the ships that had been sunk during tests of the atomic bomb off the island of Bikini.  He was an active member of the Oman Diving Club.  While in Malaysia, he took several trips to Bali where he accompanied Nature Conservancy officials to dives off the island of Komodo.

When Rosemary retired from the State Department after her tour in Kuala Lumpur, they moved to Pokomoke MD to their retirement home on the Pokomoke River.  Paul had several boats there that he used for fishing and river cruising.

Paul is survived by Rosemary, his wife of 56 years, six children, 12 grandchildren and four great grandchildren.  Rosemary can be reached at for details of Paul’s memorial service in June.

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