Paul Guedet

Paul Guedet, 78, was born and raised in Merced, California. Following high school, he served two years as a US Marine. Upon return, he earned a BA and an MBA from Chico State in California. He later obtained a second masters degree from MIT.

After a brief stint in the shipping industry, Paul spent 30 years as a Foreign Service Officer with the United States Agency for International Development serving in Uganda, Kenya, Pakistan, Nepal, and Botswana. Paul was known for his sharp analytical mind, his ability to cut through red tape and his commitment to his American and host country colleagues. He was an outstanding officer and representative of his country, rising to the rank of Senior Foreign Service. Paul retired from USAID in 1994.

Paul married the love of his life, Laurie Mailloux, also a Foreign Service Officer, in 1979. Paul and Laurie were totally devoted to one another all of their married lives. They retired to Vashon Island, WA in 1999.

Paul had a great sense of humor and enjoyed life to its fullest. Paul aimed for quality in everything he undertook, devoting the time and effort needed to achieve it. He boxed, skied, hunted, and played rugby and squash. In the era when hunting was legal, he hunted all the major game in Africa, later donating these trophies to the Burke Museum the University of Washington. In his career he won awards for his professionalism and productivity. His commitment to excellence did not abate in his 35-year struggle to lead a normal life despite his Parkinson’s disease. Paul’s courage, tenacity and refusal to complain as he faced this dreadful disease struck awe in all who knew him. Certainly nothing interfered with his commitment to being the best husband and friend to those he loved and who loved him.

Paul died at his home on Vashon Island April 16, 2017.

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