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March 30, 2012

5:15 – 6:45 PM

SIS Abrahamson Family Founders Room


Are U.S. Foreign Policy/Aid Development Goals and Operations Being

Crowded Out By U.S. National Security Interests?”

The  relationship  between  U.S.  international  development  agencies  and  other  U.S. foreign affairs agencies continues to evolve.  During the Bush Administration, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld expanded the role of the U.S. military into nation building, and State Department under Secretary Rice promoted the idea of “transformational diplomacy” to replace “transformational development.”  Creation of State/F, and its overview  of  USAID  program,  planning and  budget  functions,  and  the  continued integration of USAID into State have affected the way international development and humanitarian assistance are carried out today. While some argue that these changes have reduced the effectiveness and reputation of U.S. international development aid, others believe this integration should deepen.  Should the goals and results of the “D” for development be raised to the level of the other two Ds? Is President Obama’s September

2010      foreign policy pledge to make USAID “the premier world international development agency” on track?




Diana Ohlbaum

Senior Professional Staff Member, House Committee on Foreign Affairs


Noam Unger

Fellow, Development Assistance and Governance Initiative, Brookings Institution

Policy Director Foreign Assistance Reform Project


Larry Garber

Deputy Assistant Administrator, Bureau for Program Planning and Learning



Irving Rosenthal

Adjunct Professor, AU School of International Service

former USAID Mission Director


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