Foreign Aid Reform

Some interesting studies and reports related to aid effectiveness and foreign aid reform:

  1. Foreign Aid Reform: Studies and Recommendations – July 2009 by the Congressional Research Service. This report is an excellent summary of the major reports, including those by the Center for Global Development, the Brookings Institution, CSIS, InterAction, the HELP Commission, Oxfam, and the Congress.
  2. Foreign Assistance Reform at a Glance – July 2010 by InterAction.This is a short summary of major current Congressional and Administration initiatives, including draft legislation.
  3. Foreign Aid Reform – April 2009 by the Government Accountability Office (GAO). This is a summary of the reforms introduced in the 2005/06 period, including creation of the F Bureau in the State Department. Issues are identified and recommendations made.
  4. New Day New Way: Foreign Assistance for the 21st Century – April 2008 by the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network. This report was prepared by to influence dialogue during the 2008 presidential election and policy for the new Administration. It calls for the elevation of development as a foreign policy priority, as well as creation of a new cabinet-level global development agency.
  5. Managing Aid: Practices of DAC Member Countries – 2009 by the OECD/DAC. This report is part of the DAC “Better Aid” series and is a good summary of the steps taken by all donors to adhere more explicitly to the aid effectiveness principles outlined in the Paris Declaration.
  6. Putting Smart Power to Work: A Report on Reports – 2009 by the U.S. Global Leadership Council. This report was prepared at the beginning of the Obama Administration; it summarizes 20 reports and presents a series of consensus recommendations related to foreign affairs and development. Read a synopsis online.
  7. The White House and the World: A Global Development Agenda for the Next U.S. President – 2008 by the Center for Global Development. This report covers traditional development issues as well as a broader approach to development that includes advice on trade policy, migration, foreign aid, climate change, and more.

Key websites to monitor:

Center for Global Development:

Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network: