Adel Gohar

From USAID: It is with great sorrow that we announce the loss of a dear colleague and friend Dr. Adel Gohar, who used to work for USAID/Egypt’s Education Office for nearly 28 years. He passed away on Monday, August 23rd after a long illness. Those who knew and worked closely with him understood his fine nature and good heart. He was admired for his wisdom, knowledge and passionate approach to development. Dr. Adel was an advocate for all FSNs, whether serving outside or inside the FSN committee, and always provided FSNs with genuine guidance and advice. He treated all people equally, with respect and decency regardless of their age or background. Dr. Adel was loved by everyone and was indeed the main mentor for the FSN community. He will be greatly missed by all but will be remembered for years and years to come. Any questions concerning this notice may be directed to Edel Perez-Campos, USAID/Egypt, 202-2522-7102.

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